Pine’Hop’Le Pineapple IPA

Evolution Craft Brewing

Salisbury, Maryland

We all know Evolution as one of the better local breweries, with their Lot #3 IPA in particular being just an excellent beer. Soooo….in keeping with the ongoing tropical-inspired craze Evolution created Pine’Hop’Le, which is essentially Lot #3 infused with pineapple for a nicely citrusy IPA. This has been a favorite on tap for the past year at Evolution’s brewpub in Salisbury, but is now available to be enjoyed at home. Another delicious offering from this excellent local brewery…

Available in 12oz 6-pack bottles….

The Immortal IPA, Space Dust IPA, and Hawaiian Sunburn Sour

Elysian Brewing Company

Seattle, Washington

We had to keep Elysian up as a co-BOTW for yet another week since we sold out of Space Dust for the second time in as many weeks – while it is an excellent IPA, even we’re a bit surprised at the demand, soooo….. In addition, we have a decent stock of both Immortal and Hawaiian Sunburn – a pineapple and habanero sour beer which combines both heat and sweetness in a mildly tart package. Don’t miss out on these great beers……

All available in 12oz bottle 6-packs …..